College Students

Arlington, Tx is home to the University of Texas at Arlington and to a number of smaller colleges. No need to haul your possessions back to your parents’ house and clutter up their home each year. Hauling your stuff back & forth each year could end up costing more than storing in a secure, self-storage unit. College students usually rent smaller units, like a 5’ x 5’ or a 10’ x 10’ unit, to store their possessions while traveling back and forth to school. 


Keeping Your Unit Organized

You need a plan for storing your possessions. You will need to be able to access it, find it and use it when needed. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Label the boxes for quick identification of your possessions
  • Store the items used the most in the front of the unit
  • Leave yourself an aisle to make it easier to get to the boxes in the back
  • Standardize the boxes and limit yourself to just two sizes. Put the larger boxes on the bottom and stack the smaller boxes on top.